Our Hives

Our Hives have been thoroughly tested in Queenstown's harshest summer and winter conditions, by a professional apiarist and we can confidently say that they can withstand temperatures ranging from -6 to +36 Deg. The hives performed admirably and provided a year round stable working environment, unaffected by the outside temperatures. Hive boxes are strong, light weight, will not twist, warp or crack and come with either internal or external handles. The hives are easy to clean by steam cleaning, sanitising and are ready to re-use in no time . Our hives are compatible in size with other wooden hives to mix and match! 

Each hive comes as RTG with wooden base, 1x brood and 1x crop boxes, queen excluder, hive mat, 100mm deep top feeder, galvanised lid and 20 waxed plastic frames. $320 + gst for the complete hive and $300 +gst without insulated top feeder. We are happy to discuss your personal preferences e.g different bases, colours, handles. 


 Our hives in Queenstown Summer.


Our hives in the Queenstown Winter.